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America's Servicing Company

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About America's Servicing Company

America's Servicing Company is owned by Wells Fargo. They are not listed on the internet. We were able to obtain the following phone numbers for their company.

Main Number:888-828-2377
Mortgage Services:877-222-7875
Customer Service:866-674-1430

America's Servicing Company's Contact Information


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  1. quisiera quedar en una informacion acerca de mi cuenta no8704

  2. Needing to change billing address and I also have a name change. I was married on May 21, 2011. Former status:Arlana Shaddix 1800 NW 148th St. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73013 Current Status: Arlana S. Rhodes 11925 Greenwick Dr. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73162-1708 Cell# 405-519-5646 405-721-7824 Thank you, Lana Rhodes

  3. I own a house at 1057 Miller Avenue, South San Francisco, CA. My son Andrew Anido lives there. I need the interest on the loan for my tax records. Can you send them to me at PO box 631, Clearlake, CA 95422? It may show as Gary & Linda Anido, but Gary passed on Sep 24, 2011. Thanks, Linda Anido. My telephone number is 707-994-5637 if you need to leave me a voice mail. (I can't take calls at work.)

  4. This company has been the most difficult company to get anything from i have ever worked with. I have called six times and everytime i call i get another person noe of them are in the same state. Most of them cannot speak correct english. I have been lied to so much that i really don't know who to believe with this company. All i need is a copy of my payments from May 2010 to present. I was told by Lucy that this process would take approximately 7 to 10 days and today i was told it could take 21 to 60 days to receive tihs info. This is unacceptable. When all it takes to to press a key corresponding with my name and social number. This is the most irresponsible sistuation i have ever been involved with. You can rest asssure this problem will be broadcasted.

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